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ACESA Featured in CoverWallet Story!

Recently, CoverWallet met with the ACESA team to discuss the family business and their commitment to Disinfection.

Family Business Providing Essential Services to Keep Local Economy Going

acesa cleaning services

Couple Stephen and Angela Ramsammy-Martin, along with son Ethan Ramsammy, own ACESA Cleaning Services, LLC, which offers commercial cleaning and disinfection services. We sat down with Stephen, Angela, and Ethan to learn more about how they started their business.

Stephen and Angela launched ACESA Cleaning Services LLC recently, in December of 2019, but Stephen says this is a goal they’ve been dreaming about for a while. “Both Angela and I wanted to leave a legacy for our five children. We wanted to build something that our kids would be proud of and could, one day, assume control of.”

“We have a lot of passion to do the best job at whatever we do and we both want to carry on our family name; that’s really important to us.”

Angela says their desire to open a cleaning business stems from their own office experiences. “Since we’ve both worked in offices we understand the difference having a clean office environment has on productivity. And, with our knowledge of sales and consulting, we’re able to have strategic conversations with our clients to help them address their needs. It’s something that sets us apart from the competition.”

Even though ACESA is a young company, Angela explains how they were able to successfully navigate the current pandemic.

“As a small business, we don’t have the same amount of resources as big companies. With the impact of COVID if we hadn’t planned correctly and pivoted quickly to meet new demands we could have gone under. But we started providing disinfection services and it’s been rewarding to help businesses and warehouses move forward by providing services that keep them safe.”

acesa cleaning services

Stephen explains, “we’re providing and maintaining essential services to help keep our community healthy and keep the local economy going. It’s also provided an interesting, new perspective because previously many people might not have considered this a public health service.” Ethan, a recent law school graduate notes, “I’ve learned so much about preventing virus spread and promoting safe work environments. We diligently research updates in the field of disinfection and provide our clients with the top technology in the industry.

acesa cleaning services

Even though their business continues to grow, it hasn’t always been easy. But Angela has this advice for fellow entrepreneurs. “You have to find ways to establish a presence, even with limited interactions. You still need to find a way to connect with prospective clients. Whether it’s blogging or posting on Instagram, we’re always engaging with our audience.”

There’s one area that Stephen and Angela are happy they don’t have to worry about — insurance. Stephen says, “As we hired employees, we needed to add Workers Compensation and when we started working with large clients they required more coverage. CoverWallet was able to quickly get us the coverage we needed and the customer service was great. It’s a big difference from what we’ve experienced with previous insurance providers.”

You can learn more about ACESA Cleaning Services LLC on their websiteLinkedIn, and Facebook pages.



As a cleaning company, ACESA has been keeping a close watch on the development of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).  We are closely monitoring the CDC’s latest recommendations and guidelines for disinfecting.   Commercial cleaning is considered an “essential business” during the pandemic and ACESA is prepared to serve your business and help you protect your employees.  Most businesses have taken precautionary steps of adjusting hours and staff schedules, which creates an opportune time to implement essential cleaning and disinfecting services at your facility.

Recommended Services During COVID-19 Pandemic 

· Disinfecting Services—ACESA can help you be proactive to keep areas clean and sanitized in your facility. The CDC has outlined a detailed list of those steps you can take to prevent the contact or spread of COVID-19.  Those steps fall into the following categories:

o Disinfecting your facility if someone is sick

o Steps to follow when you’re cleaning any part of your facility

o How managers play a key role to spread awareness and early detection of symptoms

o How to clean and disinfect soft surfaces, electronics, and laundry items

Commercial Cleaning

–The COVID-19 Pandemic has increased global awareness on effective viral prevention. However, ACESA’s base cleaning has always observed CDC level cleaning practices that not only protect your facility and employees from cross-contamination but also help our staff stay safe.  These times call for cleaning service that is above and beyond the ordinary. As a small firm, ACESA has the mobility to offer top-to-bottom, deep cleaning whenever you require it. 

Call us at 470 – 231 – 7741 for a one time disinfect or routine cleaning schedule.

Mindful Working

Mindful Working

Technology increases work productivity in many ways but it poses a distraction in others. As participants in the social media age, employees can be found staring into their smartphones, scrolling endlessly for the next notification. In fact, the average employee spends about 40 minutes a day on social media while at work, with an additional average of 23 minutes to refocus to the work task at hand. The potentially harmful byproducts from this increased social media consumption include heightened stress/anxiety, lowered self-esteem, and decreased focus. These byproducts have the potential to be a major problem for employers. While strict in-office technology policies offer immediate solution to the technology distraction, the sustainable solution lies in implementation of mindful practice throughout the office.

Mindfulness is defined as the mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. In this focus, one calmly accepts their own feelings, thoughts, and physical awareness. Mindfulness applies to all aspects of life: at home, in public, and while at work. Employees who practice mindful working apply focus and awareness to their tasks the moment they step foot in the office. Below are tips to maintain mindfulness in the office:

1. Practice Deep Breathing

Beginning the path to mindfulness is as simple as focusing on the breath. Research shows that monitoring breathing patterns can actually change the way your mind functions. You can take two minutes out of every work hour breathing in through the nose for four seconds, filling your lungs with air, then exhaling through the mouth for four seconds.

2. Create Detailed, Daily to do Lists

When you get to the office, write out a list of your most important tasks and how much time you plan to allocate towards those tasks. A deliberately planned day will help you to maintain focus and mindful attention when your mind wonders to other thoughts or feelings.

3. Limit Multi-Tasking

Research indicates that multitasking reduces productivity by as much as 40%. Focus on one task at a time. Your work product will be better.

4. Switch Out the Office Chair

Implement a standing desk or use an exercise ball instead of the standard office chair. These office chair alternatives help reinforce a mindful conscious. You will be more aware of your breathing, posture, and increase office productivity.

5. Go Outside for Breaks

Walk around the outside of your office, eat lunch at a local park, or simply stand outdoors for a couple minutes during a break. Allowing yourself to step outside of the office increases memory retention and focus.

5 tips to reduce office flu outbreak

5 tips to reduce office flu outbreak

2020 is on track to be the worst flu season in decades. According to the Georgia Department of Health, flu related illnesses resulted in 141 hospitalizations, 4 outbreaks, and unfortunately 5 deaths in the first week of January alone! Businesses should take steps to prevent flu proliferation through methods such as encouraging annual vaccination for employees and non-punitive sick leave policies.

Sanitation education can reduce the spread of germs, and the spread of influenza germs in your office. Below are 5 important tips to maintain a clean and sanitized office space this flu season:

1. Post hand washing signs in restrooms. Washing your hands is one of the most important deterrents to the spread of influenza. Employees should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds (or about as long as it takes to recite the alphabet) with soap and warm water.

2. Disinfect commonly touched surfaces. Desktops, doorknobs and keyboards can carry more germs than toilet bowls. Disinfect these commonly used surfaces periodically. Also, clean commonly touched but not commonly cleaned areas such as office chairs, other desk equipment, and telephones. We recommend using products with safer active ingredients than the standard disinfectant cleaners.

3. Carefully clean office break room. Use sanitizing wipes on coffee pots, water jugs, refrigerator doors. Aerosol products contain harmful chemicals that may contaminate food or beverages.

4. Encourage sick employees to go home! When a sick person coughs, his or her respiratory droplets can travel up to 6 feet! Allow your employees to take the necessary time off work to prevent spreading the flu to the rest of office staff.

5. Set up a disinfectant program with your cleaning provider. At ACESA, we maintain specifically tailored disinfectant programs for your office based on office size, contaminated surface potential, and customer traffic. Ask us how we can set one up for you today!

Call ACESA Cleaning Services today at 470-231-7741 for a FREE cleaning estimate and disinfectant consultation