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ACESA Featured in CoverWallet Story!

Recently, CoverWallet met with the ACESA team to discuss the family business and their commitment to Disinfection.

Family Business Providing Essential Services to Keep Local Economy Going

acesa cleaning services

Couple Stephen and Angela Ramsammy-Martin, along with son Ethan Ramsammy, own ACESA Cleaning Services, LLC, which offers commercial cleaning and disinfection services. We sat down with Stephen, Angela, and Ethan to learn more about how they started their business.

Stephen and Angela launched ACESA Cleaning Services LLC recently, in December of 2019, but Stephen says this is a goal they’ve been dreaming about for a while. “Both Angela and I wanted to leave a legacy for our five children. We wanted to build something that our kids would be proud of and could, one day, assume control of.”

“We have a lot of passion to do the best job at whatever we do and we both want to carry on our family name; that’s really important to us.”

Angela says their desire to open a cleaning business stems from their own office experiences. “Since we’ve both worked in offices we understand the difference having a clean office environment has on productivity. And, with our knowledge of sales and consulting, we’re able to have strategic conversations with our clients to help them address their needs. It’s something that sets us apart from the competition.”

Even though ACESA is a young company, Angela explains how they were able to successfully navigate the current pandemic.

“As a small business, we don’t have the same amount of resources as big companies. With the impact of COVID if we hadn’t planned correctly and pivoted quickly to meet new demands we could have gone under. But we started providing disinfection services and it’s been rewarding to help businesses and warehouses move forward by providing services that keep them safe.”

acesa cleaning services

Stephen explains, “we’re providing and maintaining essential services to help keep our community healthy and keep the local economy going. It’s also provided an interesting, new perspective because previously many people might not have considered this a public health service.” Ethan, a recent law school graduate notes, “I’ve learned so much about preventing virus spread and promoting safe work environments. We diligently research updates in the field of disinfection and provide our clients with the top technology in the industry.

acesa cleaning services

Even though their business continues to grow, it hasn’t always been easy. But Angela has this advice for fellow entrepreneurs. “You have to find ways to establish a presence, even with limited interactions. You still need to find a way to connect with prospective clients. Whether it’s blogging or posting on Instagram, we’re always engaging with our audience.”

There’s one area that Stephen and Angela are happy they don’t have to worry about — insurance. Stephen says, “As we hired employees, we needed to add Workers Compensation and when we started working with large clients they required more coverage. CoverWallet was able to quickly get us the coverage we needed and the customer service was great. It’s a big difference from what we’ve experienced with previous insurance providers.”

You can learn more about ACESA Cleaning Services LLC on their websiteLinkedIn, and Facebook pages.