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As a cleaning company, ACESA has been keeping a close watch on the development of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).  We are closely monitoring the CDC’s latest recommendations and guidelines for disinfecting.   Commercial cleaning is considered an “essential business” during the pandemic and ACESA is prepared to serve your business and help you protect your employees.  Most businesses have taken precautionary steps of adjusting hours and staff schedules, which creates an opportune time to implement essential cleaning and disinfecting services at your facility.

Recommended Services During COVID-19 Pandemic 

· Disinfecting Services—ACESA can help you be proactive to keep areas clean and sanitized in your facility. The CDC has outlined a detailed list of those steps you can take to prevent the contact or spread of COVID-19.  Those steps fall into the following categories:

o Disinfecting your facility if someone is sick

o Steps to follow when you’re cleaning any part of your facility

o How managers play a key role to spread awareness and early detection of symptoms

o How to clean and disinfect soft surfaces, electronics, and laundry items

Commercial Cleaning

–The COVID-19 Pandemic has increased global awareness on effective viral prevention. However, ACESA’s base cleaning has always observed CDC level cleaning practices that not only protect your facility and employees from cross-contamination but also help our staff stay safe.  These times call for cleaning service that is above and beyond the ordinary. As a small firm, ACESA has the mobility to offer top-to-bottom, deep cleaning whenever you require it. 

Call us at 470 – 231 – 7741 for a one time disinfect or routine cleaning schedule.